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What is the DAC

The Development Assistance Centre (DAC) is a knowledge-based service unit that supports the development approval process in Jamaica.

The DAC manages the processes for the supply of information to developers to assist them to determine feasibility of the project, and to prepare for and make an acceptable and complete application to the pertinent approval agency such that, once application is made, the process for approval will be without issue, flow smoothly and be completed within the Government’s 90-day approval process requirement.

DAC Vision

The DAC fosters and supports an environment for growth, investment and sustainable development.

DAC Mission

The DAC provides a predictable and transparent pre-consultation and facilitation service to potential developers to complement and support the Development Approval Process.

DAC Values & Principles

The DAC values

• Customer Service

• Accountability

• Transparency

• Teamwork

The DAC operations are guided by principles that support and promote:

• Safety, environmental sustainability, a livable environment and economic viability

• Customer success

• Value to staff, customers and the public


DAC Functions

The DAC carries out the following five main functions:

• Preconsult:
The DAC pre-consults with clients that have projects at various stages of development.
Preconsultation entails assessing client data and providing advice and recommendations to clients regarding technical (including legal) and process requirements that will help them to determine project feasibility and how to achieve project approval. Pre-consultation also serves to assist in determining the completeness and readiness of the project prior to submission for approval.

• Facilitate: 
The DAC facilitates inter-agency collaboration and coordination. Facilitation involves hosting meetings with pertinent commenting or approving agencies as required and the client. This affords ongoing communication to provide accurate and timely information to the client prior to applying for approval of the project.

• Monitor & Track:
The DAC monitors and tracks projects in the approval process and generates reports pertaining to the performance of the development approval process. Projects within the development approval process system that are not moving with expected timelines are highlighted and report made to the relevant agency/authority in an effort to get action for intervention that will support timely approval.

• Report on Performance:  
The DAC reports to the relevant authority on various performance indices such as:

  •  Number of DAC projects processed

  • Time taken to process projects received by regulating agencies

  • Number of project approvals outstanding with reasons

  • Indicators of below standard performance

• Recommend Improvements: 
The DAC analyses performance data from the agency approval process to identify issues constraining efficient and effective development approvals and makes improvement recommendations to the relevant authority.

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