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Student Resource Centre (SRC)

The Student Resource Centre provides a space for students to learn about all things environmental and planning in a comfortable, relaxed and user friendly atmosphere. We have tailored this page to fit your needs. Information have been presented here in various formats such audio and video.

Role and function of NEPA click here
Development Process click here
Environmental Assessments in Jamaica click here
Marine Pollution click here
The Ozone Layer and Jamaica's Role in Protecting it click here
The Jamaican Boa click here
Environmental Care and Management click here
Environmental Stewardship click here
The Ecology and Conservation of Sea Turtles in Jamaica click here
The Importance of Wetlands click here
Protected Species and Laws click here
Global Warming and Climate Change click here
Hunting Regulations (Wild Life Protection Act) click here
Kids Guide to Jamaica's Natural Resources click here
Kingston Harbour and its Heritage click here
Regulatory Tools click here
The Wild Life Protection Act click here
Coral Reefs of Jamaica - Status and Trends 2007 click here
Jamaica's  National Ecological Gap Assessment  Report click here
25 Things you can do to save Coral Reefs click here
The Ecological and Conservation of Sea Turtle in Jamaica click here
Biodiversity...a resource to be protected click here

Note: All brochures and flyers are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or later , is required to either view, read or print the following files. Click here to download.

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