Core Functions

The seven (7) core functions of NEPA are:

Policy and Programme Development

Development of proposals for national environment and planning policies, legislation, regulations, standards and programmes.

Conservation and Protection

Management of species, habitats, and ecosystems; protected, watershed, coastal and marine areas management; wild fauna and flora protection, rescue and relocation.

Environmental Management

Pollution prevention and control; pollution monitoring and assessment; Pollution incident investigation and reporting.

Spatial Planning

Development of a strategic framework for orderly and progressive development of the rural and urban areas of the archipelago and the territorial waters, the preparation of development orders and Spatial and development plans.

Application Management

Receive and process applications to provide recommendations for decisions on licences and permits for Planning, Subdivisions, Beaches, Environment, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES); Hazardous waste export, import, or transportation; Hunter’s licence; exemptions under the Wild Life Protection Act; provision of pre-application assistance.

Public Education and Outreach

Corporate communications; documentation management; information/library services; Access to Information (ATI) management; public awareness and outreach initiatives; facilitating public consultations; developing and maintaining partnerships with stakeholders - community groups, NGOs and private companies in support of environmental and planning requirements and education.

Compliance and Enforcement

Monitoring for compliance with planning and environmental requirements; responding to complaints; investigating incidents of non-compliance; undertaking enforcement actions and legal proceedings.