Planning and Development


Development Planning is undertaken in an attempt to attain optimal use of the nation’s land resources in a manner to benefit the maximum number of persons presently and in future generations. It seeks to balance competing land uses.

Main Actors

Development is the responsibility of actors /agencies both at the local and national levels. Major actors include; the Town and Country Planning Authority, the local planning authorities mainly parish councils, the Minister with portfolio responsibility for planning and the National Environment and Planning Agency.

NEPA role in Development Planning

Town Planning, Spatial Planning or Urban and Regional Planning is one of the major functional areas of the National Environment and Planning Agency’s (NEPA) mandate. The applications review process, plan preparation and enforcement are important aspects of this functional area of the agency’s role. The National Spatial Plan, development plans, development orders and other planning documents such as the Investment Manual are critical tools to guide land use planning in Jamaica.

What is a Development Order?

A development order is the legal document used to guide development in the area covered by the order. Currently the Agency is involved in the preparation of the Draft Clarendon Parish Development Order. Several previously drafted Development Orders are currently being reviewed.

National Spatial Plan

NEPA is currently involved in the preparation of components of the National Spatial Plan. This document will provide the spatial framework for future national development in keeping with Vision 2030 Jamaica National Sustainable Development Plan vision statement to make “Jamaica the place of choice to live, work raise families and do business”

Planning News

"Equality in the City"- NEPA urges planning for the poor, rich and the most vulnerable

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is urging private developers, planners, architects, engineers and other stakeholders to provide for the needs of all members of society when designing and implementing development and infrastructure projects and programmes.

The call comes as Jamaica joins the rest of the world in celebrating World Town Planning Day on November 8 under the theme, "Equality in the City: Making Cities Socially Cohesive".
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Diana McPherson (right), Senior Planner at the National Environment and Planning Agency makes a presentation to students at the at Cumberland High School during a career talk in observation of World Town Planning Week. View more »

Vision 2030

Vision 2030

The implementation of the Urban Planning and Regional Development Sector Plan is an essential component of the implementation, monitoring and evaluation framework for the Vision 2030 Jamaica – National Development Plan. The Plan will be implemented at the sectoral level...

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National Land Policy 1997

Land which includes the surface, aquatic, atmospheric and subsurface areas is the primary element of the natural and man made environment. Jamaica over the years has used its land/natural resources indiscriminately, with some 50 - 70% of development taking place outside...

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Development Order Areas

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