Rivva Riddim

"The following addenda to the Environmental Impact Assessment for an Ecotourism Theme Park submitted to the Agency 29 March 2012 for a section of the White River by Rivva Riddim Limited was prepared in response to some of the queries raised as a consequence of its review. The project proponents have since written to indicate that the implementation of the project has been phased. This document therefore has been submitted to address issues relating to Phase 1 of the development which includes water sports features on two proposed fresh water lakes and recreational swimming pools. The main attractions are proposed to include the operation of solar powered boats, kayaks and rafts, a floating restaurant on the lake, water harvesting, the construction of a central sewage treatment system, parking areas, administrative office and gazebos.

The addend comprises the following:
Rivva Riddim Limited – Compiled and edited the document
Environmental and Engineering Managers Limited –Water quality and Benthic Macro Invertebrate Assessment
Hill Betty Engineers Limited- Soils Percolation Test Report
Micro Labs Limited - Water Quality Sampling

NOTE: A new EIA which assess all the related environmental issues will therefore be required for Phase 2 of the project."