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The Documentation Centre of the National Environment and Planning Agency is a Unit of the Public Education and Corporate Communication Branch. The library is a merger of the libraries of the Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA) and the Town Planning Department (TPD). The collection is a special one and contains literature covering environmental and planning topics such as:

  1. Environmental law
  2. Global conventions
  3. Terrestrial and wetlands ecosystems
  4. Oceans and coastal areas
  5. Pollution and waste
  6. Policies, standards and guidelines prepared by NRCA
  7. Urban plans prepared by the TPD
  8. Development Orders prepared by the TPD

Our catalogues are in electronic and card form. There are three electronic databases using UNESCO's WINISIS system.

To access our online catalogue select a database from below:
NEPA General Catalogue
NEPA EIA Catalogue