NEPA Drives Youth Empowerment In Trelawny

August 21, 2019

Youth aged 4-15 years at the Trelawny Parish Library Network are now more empowered to make environmentally conscious decisions following the recently held Annual Summer Library Programme put on by the Sharon O’Connor Documentation Centre based at the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA).

Held during July 2019 under the theme, “Protecting our Environment”, the NEPA team conducted presentations and mounted displays on environmental and planning issues at the Trelawny Parish Library in Falmouth, and the branch libraries at Duncans, Clark’s Town and Wakefield. The programme’s participants were exposed to information focusing on pollution, marine and terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity.

Kay-Ann Miller, Senior Librarian, NEPA explained that, “the topics for this year’s programme were selected based on the environmental issues facing communities in Trelawny as gleaned from discussions with Miss Suzette Morgan, the Senior Librarian in the Trelawny Parish Library Network. She added, “it was important to cover topics relevant to their environment including, beaches and coastal erosion, practicing the 4-Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse), the ban on single-use plastics, composting and the effects of deforestation.”

Another key component of the Summer Library Programme was a Poster and Collage Competition for children aged 9-15 and 4-8 years respectively. Winners of the competition were awarded with prizes of book vouchers. In addition, the five libraries in the parish network were also gifted books on Jamaica’s flora and fauna, as well as art and craft supplies for the programme’s participants. The National Baking Company sponsored snacks for participants for the duration of the programme.

Miss Morgan, expressed gratitude to the NEPA team for facilitating the programme. She said, “we appreciate NEPA’s efficiency, organization and communication throughout the programme and we are grateful to the Agency for investing in Trelawny’s youth. The sponsorship of the stationery and art supplies was a huge help as students are now able to have adequate supplies.”


Marsha-Gay Robinson (r), Librarian, NEPA, explaining the importance of Jamaica’s fauna to students at the Trelawny Parish Library during the Annual Sharon O’Connor Documentation Centre Summer Library Programme. Photo credit: NEPA


Kay-Ann Miller (l), Senior Librarian, NEPA, with Andre Bailey (r) of the Clarks Town Branch Library and winner of Poster Competition during the Annual Sharon O’Connor Documentation Centre Summer Library Programme. Photo credit: NEPA