Who is a Lifeguard?
"A lifeguard works as part of a team to provide a safe environment for beach users by preventing accidents and providing rescue and emergency care in response to an incident." Don’t be fooled - being a lifeguard is not just sun, sea and sand. It is a highly skilled job where you are responsible for the safety of members of the public. This doesn't mean that it isn't also a lot of fun, but lifeguards are expected to have a professional attitude to what is an extremely high profile job.


Lifeguarding demands a range of different skills to allow for the varying conditions lifeguards may encounter.
The main duties of a Lifeguard are:

  • to supervise the activities and people on the beach
  • to identify hazards and take preventative measures
  • to endeavor to prevent accidents
  • to provide water-safety and safe sunbathing advice
  • to provide a point of contact for people on the beach
  • to provide basic first aid

  • "Committed to Providing Lifeguards of the highest standards for the benefit of all"