Breakwaters Approved For Negril

December 16, 2014

The Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA) has granted approval for two off-shore breakwaters to be built in the Long Bay area in Negril, Westmoreland.

After carefully considering all comments from stakeholders in Negril and the wider Jamaica, the NRCA has granted the National Works Agency (NWA) Beach Licences for the construction and maintenance of two breakwater structures offshore the Long Bay area in Negril; dredging of the sea (capital dredging) and coastal reclamation.

The Beach Licences have been issued contingent on a number of conditions. Given the public's interest and the active involvement of the Negril citizens, the terms and conditions of the Beach Licences will be made available to the interested parties to allow stakeholders the opportunity to hold the developers accountable for the works planned. A monitoring partnership will be established through the formation of a Local Monitoring Committee that will include public and private sector interests.

The breakwaters will form part of a beach management strategy to slow the pace of erosion of the Negril coastline by strengthening coastal protection.

Based on historical data the shoreline in Negril has seen some level of erosion over the last 45 years which is considered to have taken place due to natural causes such as the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events; climate change leading to sea level rise; and human activities such as unplanned developments and marine pollution.

The two breakwaters are being installed under the GOJ/Adaptation Fund Programme titled, Enhancing the Resilience of the Agriculture Sector and Coastal Areas to Protect the Livelihoods and Improve Food Security Project.

For information on the Beach Licences, please visit the Agency's website at or call 754-7540 or 1-888- 991-5005

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