NEPA And Seal Sprayed Solutions Partner To Protect The Environment

August 12, 2015

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) has assisted foam manufacturing company, SEAL Sprayed Solutions Limited in making its operations more environmentally friendly by phasing out its use of a key ozone-depleting substance (ODS).

The programme, to phase out ODS began in April 2012, and came to an end this year (2015). This joint effort between both parties saw SEAL Sprayed Solutions Limited cease importation of the ODS - Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) in December 2012.

The partnership was arranged under the HCFC Phase out Management Plan (HPMP) Implementation Project /United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Component; being implemented by NEPA.

On Wednesday, August 12,2015, the Minister of Water, Land, Environment & Climate Change, the Hon. Robert Pickersgill officially handed over a cheque valued at J$545,750 to the company as reimbursement for its purchase of an ozone and climate-friendly alternative to HCFCs.

Nicol Walker, Project Manager and head of NEPA's Ozone Unit said that one of the goals of the programme was to phase out the use of HCFCs in Jamaica's foam manufacturing industry.

The HCFC was one of the materials used by SEAL Sprayed Solutions Limited to make a spray- in- place insulation that controls moisture and temperature within buildings.

"When we examined the Jamaican landscape, we recognized that SEAL Sprayed Solutions Limited was the only HCFC-based foam manufacturing company. We approached them with the idea to work together and they were more than willing to get on board," she said.

The project not only provided financial, but also technical assistance to SEAL Sprayed Solutions Limited; to ensure that the transition was smooth.

"The company was linked with international experts who provided hands-on support and training, and its equipment was retrofitted to use the alternatives. The company was also provided with one year's compensation for the increased operation costs that incurred as a result of the conversion," Ms.Walker said.

Vaughn Morris, Director at SEAL Sprayed Solutions Limited said that he was very happy to be a part of the programme.

"We are pleased, because we now have a product that is of the same standard as the previous product (giving us the same results at an affordable cost), which is good for the environment and the consumer. It's a win- win situation," Morris said.

The value of the three-year partnership amounted to US$ 95,450.00 and it was financed by the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol through the UNDP.

Minister of Water, Land, Environment & Climate Change, Hon. Robert Pickersgill (left) hands over cheque of J$545,750 to Vaughn Morris (right), Director at SEAL Sprayed Solutions Limited on Wednesday, August 12 at the National Environment and Planning Agency's head office in Kingston. Sharing in the moment are Dr. Arun Kashyap (second left), United Nations Resident Coordinator, United Nations Development Programme Resident Representative and Nicol Walker, Project Manager, HPMP Implementation Project .

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