NEPA Satisfied With Black River Oil Spill Cleanup Efforts

January 25, 2017

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is satisfied with the clean-up and remediation efforts undertaken by J Wray and Nephew following this week's oil spill into the Black River.

On Monday, 23 January, J Wray and Nephew notified NEPA that a defective oil cooler had leaked approximately 30 gallons of oil into the Black River.

Officers from NEPA's Pollution Monitoring & Assessment and Enforcement Branches visited the site where they observed an oil sheen in a section of the river. J Wray and Nephew was served with a Warning Notice for the unlawful release of oil into a body of water containing fish contrary to section 11 of the Wildlife Protection Act and warned for prosecution.

The notice instructed J Wray and Nephew to remove the oil from the river with absorbent material and conduct remediation.

NEPA revisited the location on Wednesday, 25 January to assess the results of the cleanup and is satisfied with the action taken. The Agency is also reporting that the negative impact of the spill has been mitigated.

NEPA will continue to monitor the situation.