NRCA/NEPA Announce Compliance Drive For Non-Compliant Business Operators

December 1, 2017

Business operators who currently conduct businesses without the required the Natural Resources Conservation Authority/National Environment and Planning Agency (NRCA/NEPA) issued Permits and Licences, are encouraged to become compliant through a Compliance Drive, which was announced by the regulatory body. The Drive commences today (December 1) and will continue through the month of December 2017.

Under the NRCA/NEPA Compliance Drive, business operators are encouraged to move swiftly to apply for:

  • 2016 – 2017 Beach Licences;
  • All relevant instruments (to include Air Quality Licences, Licences for the construction /operation of Sewage Treatment Plants and Environmental Permits) to ensure compliance with the environment and planning laws.

Business operators and developers are also being encouraged to collect Permits and Licences that have been approved by the NRCA.

Chief Executive Officer at NEPA, Mr. Peter Knight, disclosed the main aim of the Drive is to educate and improve compliance. He urged persons who are operating without the necessary approvals from the NRCA/NEPA to come on board.

If persons remain non- complaint after the Drive, the NRCA/NEPA will commence court action. Business operators, who are not sure if they require permits or licences to operate, should contact NEPA for more information.