Do Not Shoot Protected Birds

August 24, 2017

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is reminding members of the hunting fraternity and the public that the Ring-tailed Pigeon and Mountain Witch birds are protected species and should not to be shot during the 2017 Bird Shooting Season. These birds are found only in Portland.

It is an offence to shoot these protected species and persons who do so are liable to prosecution, if caught. Only the Zenaida Dove/Pea Dove; White-winged Dove; Mourning Dove/Long-tailed Pea Dove and the White-crowned Pigeon/Bald-pate may be hunted. Only twenty birds may be harvested during a session; of this, no more than fifteen should be White-crowned pigeons. The feathered head of each bird must be retained on the body for inspection.

While in the field, hunters must ensure that their NEPA issued licences are always on their person. Hunters are only allowed to shoot during designated sessions, from sunrise to 9:00a.m. & 2:30p.m. to sunset on Saturdays and from sunrise to 9:00a.m. on Sundays.

Scores of police officers and games wardens recently got a refresher’s course in procedures to be followed and the chain of custody rules that should be applied when protected species are hunted or birds are confiscated birds from hunters.

The 2017 Game Bird Hunting Season began on Saturday, August 19 and ends on Sunday, September 24.