2011 - 2015 Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)


Proposed Old Harbour Plant Repowering Project (190 MW), Old Harbour Bay, St. Catherine, Jamaica

Proposed Dovecot Memorial Park Expansion at Part of Chisholm called Bendon Pen, St. Johns Road, St. Catherine

Phase 2 of the Palisadoes Rehabilitation and Shoreline Protection Project, Kingston


North South Highway Realignment Segment 1 2014

Construction of Two Breakwaters, Long Bay, Negril, Westmoreland

Negril Breakwaters Beach Licences
Final Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessment
Negril Breakwater Project EIA Meeting Notes
Natural Resource Valuation Considerations for the Negril Breakwater Project
Public Meeting
Public Meeting November 10, 2014
Minutes For Second EIA Public Consultation

Disclaimer: The National Environment and Planning Agency pursuant to statements in the press has received the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Construction of Two Breakwaters at Long Bay Negril, Westmoreland, completed by CL Environmental Limited, on the 29 April 2014. A preliminary assessment of the document has been completed, and has found that it satisfies the Terms of Reference dated 7 March 2013.
The National Environment and Planning Agency therefore wishes to advise that posting this document on the website does not constitute approval of same. The Agency hereby invites the public to review the EIA and forward all comments so that they may be addressed along with any deficiencies identified in the detailed assessment of the EIA which is currently being done.

Blue Mountain Renewables 34 MW Wind Farm Project Malvern, St. Elizabeth


Proposed Quarrying and Mineral Processing at Halberstadt Quarry, St. Andrew

Infrastructure Capacity at Kingston Harbour

Proposed Beach Nourishment Project, Memories White Sands, Trelawny

Proposed Extension of Runway at Norman Manley International Airport

Coral Springs Residential Development

Proposed Highway 2000 North South Link

Green Castle Estate, Robin's Bay, St. Mary


Proposed Highway 2000 North South Link - Moneague to Ocho Rios

Proposed 360 MW Combined Cycle Plant, Old Harbour Bay, St. Catherine

Wind Farm, Great Valley, Manchester

Proposed Highway 2000 North South Link - Caymanas to Linstead

Coral Springs Residential Development, Trelawny

Grand Palladium Beach Development, Lucea

Proposed Subdivision of Land, Part of Mona and Papine Estate and Goldsmith Villa, St. Andrew

Proposed Rivva Riddim Ecotourism Park, White River Valley, St. Ann


Aquifer Recharge Project 2 Miles Wood, Innswood Estate by National Water Commission

proposed Royale Horizon Funeral Home, Newark, Manchester

Proposed Cement and Quarry Operation by Cement Jamaica Limited at Port Esquivel, St. Catherine and Rose Hall District, Clarendon

Caribbean Broilers Protein Recovery/Conversion Plant, Longville Park, Clarendon

Proposed Subdivision of Land Part of Mona and Papine Estate and Goldsmith Villa, St. Andrew

Proposed Cemetery and Crematorium, Moor Park, St. James

Proposed Hydropower Energy Project, Maggotty, St. Elizabeth

Proposed Extension of Runway at Norman International Airport, Kingston