2016 - 2019 Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)


Proposed Beach Nourishment and Installation of Six (6) Groynes at Sandals Negril, Norman Manley Boulevard, Hanover

Proposed Cruise Pier Developmnent Project at Old Coal Wharf, Port Royal, Kingston

Proposed Quarrying and Mineral Processing at Rio Bueno Quarry, Dry Harbour Mountain, Discovery Bay, St. Ann

Proposed Runway Extension and Associated Works for the Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, St. James (Non-EIA)

Proposed Relocation of Hazardous Waste Incinerator to Ferry, St. Andrew (Non-EIA)

Proposed Housing Development at The Whim Estate, Old Harbour, St. Catherine

Proposed Asphalt Plant, Alcar Construction And Haulage, 7 Miles Bull Bay St. Andrew (Non-EIA)


Caribbean Broiler's Hill Run Development: Hybrid Growth Centre "The Nest" St. Catherine

Proposed Expansion of Meadowrest Memorial Gardens, Whittaker’s Mountain, St. Catherine

Proposed Quarrying and Mineral Processing (Limestone & Gypsum Quarries – CCCL)


Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project

Construction of Villas at Pellew Island, Portland (Non-EIA)

Natural Gas Fired CHP Project at Portland Bight, Clarendon by NFE South Power Holdings

Capital and Maintenance Dredging at Falmouth Harbour, Trelawny (Non-EIA)

Construction and Maintenance of Overwater Structure at Whitehouse, Westmoreland (Non-EIA)

Highway 2000, Phase 1C May Pen to Williamsfield

Development of a Hotel Resort at Coral Springs, Trelawny

Residential Development Dundee, Trelawny


New Fortress Energy Marine Terminal and Pipeline Project, Old Harbour, St. Catherine

Sandals Royal Caribbean Proposed Over Water Structure Kokomo Island, St. James