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Adopt-A-Beach Programme

The Adopt a Beach programme is a volunteer effort designed to empower people of all ages to become directly involved in cleaning our coastlines. Our goal is to increase public awareness about marine litter and inspire public responsibility and community action.

Adopt-A-Beach Registration Form | Adopt-A-Beach poster

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Conditions of Adoption

  1. Participation is open to any local community organization, service clubs, school, business as well groups with a minimum of three individuals over the age of eighteen (18).
  2. Adopters must sign the official NEPA Adopt-A-Beach application and agreement.
  3. Beach cleanup activities must be conducted in accordance with the NEPA Adopt-A-Beach Guidelines and Safety Procedures and its conditions.
  4. Participants will be required to adopt a beach for a minimum “adoption period” of one (1) year. A maximum of three organizations may adopt the same section of beach.
  5. Each participant will be required to clean up the adopted beach a minimum of two (2) times a year and are encouraged to stage at least one(1) additional clean-up for the annual International Coastal Cleanup Day held in September.
  6. Each group will be responsible for selecting a Cleanup Coordinator to serve as the contact person for the group.
  7. Participants are encouraged to share your experience via social media and with NEPA.

The Adopt-A-Beach programme is facilitated by the National Environment & Planning Agency. If you would like to get involved and require more information on how to adopt a beach contact:

Public Relations Officer
Tel: 754-7540, Ext. # 2439; 754-7575; or Fax: 754-7596