Jamaica Beach Guide

Manchioneal Beach, Portland Long Bay Beach, Portland St. Margaret's Bay Beach, Portland Long Bay Beach, Portland Hope Bay Flamingo Beach Drapers Rio Bueno Prospect Salem

Beach List

Name Parish(es) Owner(s) Un/licensed
Alligator Pond Manchester Beach Control Authority
Annotto Bay Beach St. MarySt. Mary Parish Council
Barrett Hall Beach St. JamesBeach Control Authority
Bamboo Beach TrelawnyBamboo Beach Club Licensed
Bengal Beach St. AnnSt. Ann Municipal Corporation
Billy's Bay Beach St. ElizabethNational Environment and Planning Agency
Bloody Bay Beach HanoverHanover Municipal Corporation
Boston Bay Beach PortlandBeach Control Authority Licensed
Braco Beach TrelawnyCommissioner of Lands
Bryan’s Bay Beach PortlandReserved in Subdivision
Bull's Bay Beach HanoverHanover Municipal Corporation
Calabash Bay Beach St. ElizabethBeach Control Authority
Cardiff Hall Beach St. AnnSt. Ann Municipal Corporation
Copacabana Beach St. AndrewBeach Control Authority
Coral Gardens St. JamesSt. James Municipal Corporation
Crane Road Beach St. ElizabethCommissioner of Lands
Doctors Cave Beach St. JamesDoctor's Cave Bathing Beach Licensed
Drapers Beach PortlandKristal Waters Ltd
Farquhar Beach ClarendonMinistry of Housing now Economic Growth and Job Creation
Flamingo Beach TrelawnySubdivision
Fort Charles Beach St. Elizabeth Leroy Bertram and Jennifer Valarie
Frenchman’s Cove Beach Portland Frenchman’s Cove Jamaica Licensed
Galleon Beach St. Elizabeth Reserved in Subdivision
Great Bay Beach St. Elizabeth Beach Control Authority
Guts River Manchester Harry Chung & L.E. Arnold
Half Moon Bay Beach TrelawnyBeach Control Authority
Harmony Beach Park St. JamesUrban Development Corporation
Hellshire Bay Beach St. CatherineUrban Development Corporation
Hermitage Beach Portland
Hope Bay Beach Portland Beach Control Authority
Innis Bay Beach Portland
Jackson Bay Beach Clarendon Beach Control Authority
Jacob Taylor Beach TrelawnyBeach Control Authority
James Bond Beach St. MaryGoldeneye Villas and Spa Limited
Lances Bay HanoverHanover Municipal Corporation
Long Bay Beach PortlandBeaches Control Authority/ES Shoucair
Manchioneal Beach PortlandAltantic Fruit Company (occupied by Beach Control Authority)
Marine Terminal BeachSt. Catherine Commissioner of Lands
Mezgars Run Beach St. Thomas Mezgars Housing Subdivision
Norman Manley Beach ParkWestmoreland
Orchard Beach Hanover Hanover Municipal Corporation
Pagee Beach St. Mary Housing Agency of Jamaica
Parottee Beach St. Elizabeth Beach Control Authority
Port Henderson Beach St. Catherine St. Catherine Municipal Corporation
Port Morant Beach St. Thomas Beach Control Authority
Priory St. AnnCommissioner of Lands
Prospect Beach St. ThomasReserved in Subdivision
Puerto Seco St. Ann Guardsman Hospitality
Retreat Beach St. Thomas Beach Control Authority
Rio Bueno Beach Trelawny Chisholm and Company Development
Rio Nuevo St. Mary Chisholm and Company Development & Kemtech Development and Construction Limited
Rocky Point St. Thomas Sugar Company of Jamaica Holding Limited
Sailor Hole St. Ann Port Authority of Jamaica Licensed
Salem Beach St. AnnLlandovery Fruit Company leased to Beach Control Authority Licensed
San San Beach PortlandCold Harbour Limited Licensed
Spring Gardens Portland Beach Control Authority
Sunset Beach St. James St. James Municipal Corporation
Swallow Hole St. Ann Reserved in Subdivision
St. Margaret's Bay BeachPortland Beach Control Authority
Tryall Beach Hanover Beach Control Authority
Turtle Beach St. Ann Urban Development Corporation
Walter Fletcher BeachSt. James Commissioner of Lands Licensed
Watson Taylor ParkHanover Hanover Municipal Corporation
Whitehouse Beach Westmoreland Ministry with responsibility for Housing
Winnifred Beach Portland Urban Development Corporation
Bluefields Beach WestmorelandUrban Development Corporation Licensed
Ocho Rios Bay Beach St. AnnUrban Development Corporation Licensed
Long Bay Beach Park Westmoreland Urban Development Corporation Licensed
Fort Clarence Beach Park St. CatherineUrban Development Corporation Licensed
Dunn's River Falls and Park St. Ann Urban Development Corporation Licensed
Burwood Beach Trelawny Trelawny Municipal Corporation Licensed
Roxborough St. Ann Commissioner of Lands
Murdock Beach St. Mary Urban Development Corporation
Lyssons Beach St. Thomas Commissioner of Lands Leased to TPDCo