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Annotto Bay Beach

Beach Location

Annotto Bay Beach is located in the small community of Iter Boreale in the parish of St. Mary on the north-eastern coast of the island. The beach is situated close to the town of Annotto Bay.

Beach Description

The Annotto Bay beach stretches for approximately 91 m (300 ft.) in length and 14 m (45 ft.) in width. The usable area of the beach is approximately 1,350 m2 (one-third of an acre). There are several trees, mostly coconut, as well as grasses along the shoreline of the beach.

Environmental Features

There is a grouping of coral reef approximately 122 m (400 ft.) offshore. There is also a small patch of sea grass towards the bluff.

Beach Structure

It is gently slopes towards the ocean. The natural sediment consists of medium to coarse sand which is light brown in colour. There are a few small pebbles, possibly smooth, closer to the water.


Annotto Bay Beach lies along the main north coast roadway, A3.


There is designated parking area.


The beach has been newly renovated with gazebos, restroom, changing room facilities, garbage receptacles and a small stage with adequate parking.

Things to do

The beach is pleasant for swimming and strolling.

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Location Map

   Fees & Hours
Entrance Fee None
Opening Hours Non-restrictive

Sea conditions The beach is calm as the eastern bluff breaks wave action.
Lifeguard Service No Lifeguard on duty
Amenities & Access

Annotto Bay Beach lies along the main north coast roadway, A3.

Garbage receptacles
There is designated parking area.
Restroom available
Owned by St. Mary Parish Council
Telephone (876) 972-2615-6
Email secretary_sapc@yahoo.com