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Boston Bay Beach

Beach Location

Boston Bay Beach is one of Jamaica’s fairly manicured beach, owing to its recent rehabilitation by the Tourisms Enhancement Fund. It is located in the parish of Portland on the north-eastern coast of the island, close to the communities of Boston and Fairy Hill.

Environmental Features

The natural sediment on the beach is fine to medium sand which is cream in colour; large rocks dominate the sides of the beach - around the bluff area. It is characterized by high wave energy making it perfect for surfing, over have been experiencing erosion. The beach, h is approximately 14 metres (45 feet) wide and 152 metres (500 feet) long is divided into 2 sections by a small bluff. The beach is well vegetated with trees, both small and large, as well as bushes, these include West Indian Almond and Coconut .There are seagrass beds close to shore.

Accessibility and Parking

Boston Bay Beach lies along the A4 main road and has only one access point. There are two parking areas available on the property.


There are several grassy areas for parking which can accommodate up to about 15 cars.


All facilities at the Beach has been newly renovated, these include a jerk centre, surfing shop, restaurant, bar, toilet, shower and changing rooms facilities. New gazebos and parking areas have been constructed. Lifeguard stands and lounge chairs facilitate a safe and comfortable recreational experience.

Things to do

Patrons may opt to surf, swim and purchase craft items.

Rehbilitated by

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   Fees & Hours
Entrance Fee $200, fee associated with use of bathroom and shower facilities
Opening Hours 9:00am to 5:00pm
Sea conditions High waves are generally created by the two shoulder buffs. The intense wave energy may be difficult for untrained swimmers.
Lifeguard Service Lifeguard on duty
Amenities & Access

Boston Bay Beach lies along the A4 main road and has only one access point.

Parking available
Owned by Beach Control Authority
Telephone (876) 754-7540
(876) 993-8201
(876) 804-7072
Email pubed@nepa.gov.jm