Jamaica Beach Guide

Cardiff Hall Beach

Beach Location

Cardiff Hall Beach is located within the Cardiff Hall community along the Discovery Bay to Runaway Bay Main Road. The nearest town is Runaway Bay. The beach is also known as Flavors Beach.

Beach Description

The beach is approximately 120-130 metres in length with a width of 10 meters. The Beach consist of fine grain white sand with some evidence of erosion. There is a main drain which originates from the Cardiff Hall community east of the property, this channels storm water directly into the sea. An extensive seawall is located near the foreshore along the western section of the beach.

Environmental Features

There are various type of grasses in backshore terrane as well as pine trees on western boundary and a few palm trees and ornamentals. There is large almond tree in centre of parking area.

Accessibility and Parking

The beach is easily accessible and lies along main road with a defined parking area that is able to accommodate multiple vehicles.


There is a restaurant on the property along with craft vendors that cater to local and overseas tourists. The beach is located within a tourist town and hence a number of large hotels are locate including including Jewel, FDR and Cardiff Resort and Spa. There is a male and female restroom and 6 shower stalls. The beach facilities are in need of improvement.

Things to do

The area is fit for strolling, jogging, swimming, dining, glass bottom boat tour and shopping for local crafts.

Location Map

   Fees & Hours

There is a $100 user fee for use of the changing room; this is waived if food is purchased from the restaurant on the property. There is a $200 user fee for the shower.

Entrance Fee None
Opening Hours Restrictive based on operations of the restaurant.
Sea conditions The area is generally calm, however can get rough in windy conditions.
Lifeguard Service Yes
Amenities & Access

The beach is easily accessible and lies along main road.

Owned by St. Ann Municipal Corporation, leased to Cheddy Parchment
Telephone (876) 972-2615
Email secretary_sapc@ yahoo.com