Jamaica Beach Guide

Drapers Beach

Beach Location

Drapers Beach is located in the town of Drapers in the parish of Portland. It is approximately 3km east of Port Antonio. The beach, which is located in a bay, is very small; approximately 30 metres (100 feet) long and 3 metres (10 feet) at its widest.

The bluffs and hillsides surrounding the sandy area are densely vegetated. The beach features medium sized to coarse grain light brown sand. There are pebbles and stones on the beach. The beach slopes gentle towards the sea.

Environmental Features

There are large seagrass beds near to the shore. Further offshore is a large coral reef.

Beach Structure


The beach is located just off the main road down a steep unpaved parochial road


There is no designated parking area.


No functional amenities.

Things to do

Wading, swimming

Location Map

   Fees & Hours
Entrance Fee None
Opening Hours Non-restrictive

Sea conditions The beach is calm
Lifeguard No Lifeguard on duty
Amenities & Access

The beach lies along the main road. There are no designated access points to the beach.

No functional amenities
No designated parking area
Owned by Kristal Waters Ltd