Jamaica Beach Guide

Frenchman's Cove Beach

Beach Location

18°10’32.44" N      76°24'0.22" W

Frenchman’s Cove Beach is located in San San, Portland, less than 30 minutes from Port Antonio.

Description & Environmental Features

The beach consists of fine white sand and is approximately 93 metres long. A shallow wading river flows along the western extent of the beach and empties onto the cove. The backshore vegetation consists of West Indian almond, coconut, seagrape, beach vine, palm, and bromeliads. The sandy area of the beach is expansive and can accommodate a large number of beachgoers. The water is characterised by low wave energy.

Accessibility and Parking

The beach is located off the A4 main road. Parking is available for a few vehicles inside the facility. Additionally, parking is allowed for along the minor access road outside of the facility.


Food services are available, including a restaurant and bar offer, which offer an array of cuisine available to patrons. While at the beach, patrons can enjoy swimming in the beach and wading in the river. The beach has a large area that can facilitate gatherings. Lounge chairs are provided at a cost. Changing rooms and restrooms are available.

Things to do

Patrons can opt for dining, wading or playing football. There are various attractions nearby, including Reach Falls, Boston Jerk Centre, Blue Lagoon, and the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park.

Existing/Current Beach Licence


Location Map

   Fees & Hours
Entrance Fee $1,000
Opening Hours 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sea conditions Generally high with strong currents
Lifeguard Lifeguard on duty, bathing area demarcated and safety equipment are in place.
Amenities & Access

The beach is located off the A4 main road, less than 30 minutes from Port Antonio.

Parking is available
Food services - restaurant & bar
Changing rooms and restrooms are available
Owned by Frenchman’s Cove Jamaica
Telephone (876) 993-7270 (876) 564-9779
Email frenchmanscove resort@gmail.com