Jamaica Beach Guide

Hellshire Bay Beach

Beach Location

Hellshire Bay beach is located west of Fort Clarence Beach and Waves Beach and east of the world famous Hellshire Bay Fishing Beach. The closest community is Hellshire and the closet town is Portmore.

Beach Description

The beach comprises of light brown sand and is extensive stretching approximately 490 meters in length. There is a well-developed area of sand dunes with coastal plants such as Sea Grape, Seaside Mahoe, Acacia, mangroves coastal and grasses.

Environmental Features

Patch reefs are located approximately 900 to 1000 meters offshore, there are no reefs in the immediate vicinity of the beach.

Accessibility and Parking

The beach is easily accessible and lies along Hellshire main road. There are no designated parking areas, parking is generally along the side of the road, however a small area exits toward the eastern end of the beach that can facilitate a few vehicles.


There are no amenities on the beach.

Things to do

The area is fit for strolling, swimming and recreational fishing. The famous Hellshire fishing beach is located just a minutes’ drive away and so patrons can visit the beach to enjoy a wide selection of meals from various restaurants.

Location Map

   Fees & Hours
Entrance Fee None
Opening Hours Non–restrictive

Sea conditions Calm, but generally gets windy and rough as the day progresses.
Lifeguard Service No Lifeguards on Duty
Amenities & Access

The beach is easily accessible and lies along Hellshire main road.

No designated parking areas
Owned by Urban Development Corporation
Telephone (876) 656-9326
Email info@udcja.com