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Manchioneal Beach

Beach Location

The Manchioneal Beach is a fishing beach that is approximately 4,046 square meters (1 acres) and is heavily vegetated with the presence of seagrass in the nearshore, there is also noted coral reefs several hundred feet off shore. There have been occasional sighting of manatees slightly north of the beach. The most notable feature present is the mouth of Muirton River. There are two offices located on the Beach as the Ministry of Fisheries has an office where records of fishermen and their boats and the beaches to which they are registered are kept, the fisheries office used to have a tank associated with it to distribute marine gas and oil; however this facility was damaged and is currently non-functioning, and the other office is owned by Food for the Poor. There are also remnants of former structures. The wooden piles which once supported a docking pier for the fishermen remains although the dock itself has been destroyed. The foundation of a concrete structure which was used for the weighing and selling of fish also still remains. There is no official garbage collection or disposal mechanism. The natural sediment on the beach consist of light brown sediment. The slope of the beach is gentle


The beach lies along the main road


There is very limited parking


Restroom and cold storage

Things to do

Purchase fish

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   Fees & Hours
Entrance Fee None
Opening Hours Non-restrictive

Sea conditions Beach suffers from damages during hurricanes
Lifeguard Service No Lifeguard on Duty
Amenities & Access

The beach lies along the main road

Limited parking
Owned by Altantic Fruit Company (occupied by Beach Control Authority)
Telephone (876) 754-7540
Email pubed@nepa.gov.jm