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Ocho Rios Bay Beach

Beach Location

18°24'28.84"N      77° 6'26.26"W
Ocho Rios Beach also called Turtle Beach is a public recreational beach located in the town of Ocho Rios. The beach is located between Moon Palace Jamaica and the Ocho Rios Marina.

Description & Environmental Features

The beach consists of coarse white sand with mild erosion, while the backshore vegetation with West Indian almond (Terminalia catappa) and coastal grasses (Ammophila breviligualata). Seagrass beds are located close offshore with evidence of beach erosion. There is a run-down pier located on the shoreline.

Accessibility and Parking

There is a designated area for parking that can accommodate several vehicles.


Ocho Rios beach has a large area that can facilitate parties, weddings, and family trips. Patrons can also enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, glass-bottom rides, deep-sea fishing and jet skiing. Food services are available such as snack shops for beachgoers as well as adequate bathroom and changing facilities.

Things to do

Patrons can also explore nearby attractions such as Mystic Mountains, Dunns River, Dolphin Cove, Chukka Island Village, Turtle River Falls & Gardens.

Fees & Hours

Entrance Fee: Adult (ages 12 and over): J$200/US$3 Child (ages 5 to 11): J$500/US$1

Opening Hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm

Beach Licences


Location Map

   Fees & Hours
Entrance Fee Adult: J$200/US$3; Child: J$100/US$1.00
Opening Hours 8:30am to 4:30pm

Beach conditions Generally calm
Lifeguard Service Lifeguard on duty, bathing area marked and, safety equipment in place.
Amenities & Access

Accessed directly from the main road.

Parking available
Restroom available
Food services
Owned by Urban Development Corporation
Telephone (876) 974- 5015