Jamaica Beach Guide

Orchard Beach

Beach Location

Orchard Beach is located along the North Coast High Way road between Hopewell and Sandy Bay. It is also known as Old Steamer Beach as there is an old ship wreak that is located within the water near the shoreline.

Beach Description

The Beach consist of fine grain white sand with a relatively narrow area of sand to allow for recreational use. Old reef rocks are scattered along sections of the beach near the high water mark. The area shows signs of erosion.

Environmental Features

An extensive seagrass bed is located directly offshore the swim zone. A fringing reef lies approximately 400 meters offshore that offers protection to the seagrass lagoon and beach. Coastal vegetation includes West Indian Almond and Sea Grapes.

Accessibility and Parking

The beach is easily accessible and lies along main road. There are no designated parking areas, however the area is able to accommodate approximately 5 vehicles. There are no bathroom facilities for public use.


A small shop and bar is located to the west of the beach.

Things to do

The area is fit for strolling and swimming.

Location Map

   Fees & Hours
Entrance Fee None
Opening Hours Non–restrictive

Sea conditions The area is generally calm
Lifeguard Service No Lifeguards on Duty
Amenities & Access

The beach is easily accessible and lies along main road.

small shop and bar
Owned by Hanover Municipal Corporation
Telephone (876) 956-2305
Email hanoverpc@mlge.gov.jm