Jamaica Beach Guide

Prospect Beach

Beach Location

Prospect Beach is located in the community of Prospect, just outside the Lyssons community. The closet town is Morant Bay.

Beach Description

The beach is comprised of brown sand with pebbles along the western section, the beach has suffered from erosion which has exposed the soil and tree roots. There are three old groynes that are now completely submerged. A number of stones that were used to construct the groynes are scattered on the seafloor as a result of storms and increased wave energy that has affected the area. The western of the beach has concrete drain that leads from the main road into the sea. The property has two buildings; a bamboo farmed cook shop and a derelict concrete building that once served as a restroom and changing room for the beach operations.

Environmental Features

There are various type of coastal grasses on the backshore terrace as well as Weeping Fig and West Indian Almond. Seagrass beds are located off approximately 100 meters offshore.

Accessibility and Parking

Prospect beach is accessed via a marl road that leads directly from the Prospect Main Road, there is no designated parking; however the area is able to accommodate parking of at least 10 of more vehicles.


There is an informal cook shop. The changing room and restroom are no longer operational.

Things to do

The area is fit for swimming, dining and beach football.

Location Map

   Fees & Hours
Entrance Fee None
Opening Hours None restrictive
Sea conditions The area is generally calm
Lifeguard Service No
Amenities & Access

Prospect Beach is accessed via a marl road that leads directly from the Prospect Main Road.

Owned by Prospect Beach Limited
Telephone (876) 754-7540 (National Environment and Planning Agency)
Email pubed@nepa.gov.jm