Jamaica Beach Guide

Rocky Point Beach

Beach Location

Rocky Point beach is location in Morant Point, St. Thomas; the closest town is Morant Bay.

Beach Description

The beach is linear and is comprised of light brown fine grain sand extending approximately 1km in length. There are fishermen dwellings and gear storage facilities on the property. There is no evidence of beach erosion.

Environmental Features

The beach has several large tress on the property as well as coastal grasses. Trees include West Indian Almond, Seaside Mahoe and an extensive mangrove forest. Seagrass beds are located approximately 100 metres offshore, while an extensive fringing reef system is approximately 500-600 metres offshore.

Accessibility and Parking

The beach is accessed via the St. Johns, Rocky Point main road which is lonely and secluded. The road is boarded by a mangrove forest. There is no designated parking, however the area is able to accommodate over 20 or more vehicles.


There is a small number of commercial entities such as cook shops and vending stalls that cater to the fishermen and visitors alike. There are functional restroom facilities available.

Things to do

The area is fit for dining, jogging, swimming, fishing and beach football.

Location Map

   Fees & Hours
Entrance Fee None
Opening Hours Non–restrictive

Sea conditions The area is generally calm
Lifeguard Service No Lifeguards on Duty
Amenities & Access

The beach is accessed via the St. Johns, Rocky Point main road.

No designated parking area
Owned by National Sugar Company Limited
Telephone (876) 926-7548
Email scjh.facebook@ gmail.com