, 2011

These new regulations will bolster NEPA’s ability to demand greater accountability from owners and operators of wastewater treatment plants in ensuring that the prescribed standards are met. Under the regulations, existing and new operators of facilities that generate sludge and discharge treated (sewage) effluent and trade effluent to the environment will require new licences under three possible categories:

  • construction of a new wastewater treatment plant or reconstruction (rehabilitation and or upgrade) of an existing treatment plant;
  • the operation of a wastewater treatment plant; and
  • the discharge of treated sewage and trade effluent into the environment.

Oswald Chinkoo, Manager, Pollution Monitoring and Assessment Branch at the National Environment and Planning Agency, guiding stakeholders on the calculation of discharge fees.
Stakeholders listening attentively to a presentation during the Wastewater and Sludge Workshop, which was held at Versalles Hotel in May Pen, Clarendon, recently.

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