No permission given to clear mangroves in St Thomas - NEPA

September 30, 2011

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), is advising that no permission has been given for clearing of mangroves in Bowden, St Thomas.

NEPA is responding to an erroneous media report which stated that the St Thomas Sugar Company had been granted permission to remove mangroves to prepare lands for its sugar expansion programme.

For the record, in March 2011, NEPA took enforcement action against the St. Thomas Sugar Company for clearing a section of mangroves on land adjacent to their property. The Company ceased the activity and supplied a restoration plan, as requested by NEPA. Up to July 27, 2011 during a monitoring visit to the area, there was no evidence that any additional mangroves were removed or destroyed and new mangroves have started to grow in the area that was cleared.

NEPA’s investigation into this most recent report of clearing of mangroves in Bowden revealed that there is presently no clearing of mangroves taking place in the area.

NEPA warns members of the public that decisive action will be taken against any perpetrator that breaches environmental laws or regulations.

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